Feeds and speeds will vary significantly based on the bit, machine, material being routed, and many other variables. Each bit will have a RPM, IPM, and Chipload rating based on flute count and bit style.

spec definitions

The chart below is to be used as a basic reference only on wood and wood composites, and not to be used as a permanent solution.

1) Know the chipload for your specific bit

chipload chart

2) Know the RPM rating for your bit

RPM rating

3) Do the math...
...To find your feed rate (IPM)
RPM x # of flutes x Chipload = inches per minute (IPM)

...To find chipload
IPM / RPM / # of flutes = Chipload

*Feed rates are for depth of cut = to the diameter of the bit you are using. If your depth of cut exceeds 2x the diameter, reduce the chipload by 25%. If the depth of cut exceeds 3x the diameter of the bit, reduce the chipload by 50%.
*NEVER EXCEED 3x the diameter unless the manufacturer lists this as a safe option.

If you are using Amana CNC bits, they have compiled a tool database for several software options. We offer Vectric, so here is the link to that database. Amana Tool Database
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